Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smokey Cheesy Toast

Smokey Cheesy Toast

1 slice per serving

This cheesy bread snack, is made for adults, but loved by kids. Super easy to make and super fun to eat.  So if your tum tum need's some pleasing, I hope you're ready for some cheesin'.

Aluminum foil or parchment paper
Tumeric (Cummin's BFF)
Smoked paprika
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
1 Cheese grater
1 Baking sheet
1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil
2-4 Pieces of Deli-sliced whole wheat or whole grain bread 
2-4 blocks (or bags) of your favorite cheese

1. Get it hot in here. Get it hot in here! Get it hot hot hot...ok ok
(Preheat your oven to 300)

2. Go on and lay it downnnnnnnn. You really got it lay it downnnn (C-Breezy back when he was just Chris Brown)
(Lay foil or parchment paper on the baking sheet)

3. Put it down down, like a merry-go-round (Fall Out Boy)
(Put your bread down on your covered baking sheet)

4. Make it rain then. I'ma make it rain, uh! (Travis Porter)
(Drizzle olive oil on your bread)

5. Chop and screw the cheese
(Shred your cheese)
*Unless you are sayin' eff the shredding, and grabbed a bag or two of shredded cheese (no judgement, I still use it some days). If so, hopscotch down to #6. (You know you remember hopscotch)

6. Smother the bread in cheese. Yes, smother it. Cover it. Smack it, flip it, rub it down....oh noooo!(Bell Biv Devo)
*Be sure to shred, or grab out the bag(s), enough cheese to satisfy your private love affair with cheese. (Oh what?!?! Like I'm the only one who has a secret love affair with cheese.) 

7. Sprinkle me, sprinkle me main (E-40)
(Sprinkle your seasonings: cumin, turmeric, black pepper, paprika, and red pepper flakes over your cheese smothered toast). 

8. Just a touch of oil, a little bit (Slave <---All this time, I never knew this was their name)
(Drizzle olive oil over finished masterpiece, cuz you just mastered that piece! of toast :) 

9. Commence to getting your grub on

"Cheesy, Yummy"-my critics approve

How could you NOT have a secret love affair with cheese? Just look at that!!!!


  1. Looks amazing! I have to try this recipe with my 👦 👦 👦